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Zadoo-IPTV Set top box provider Vs Guru IPTV

Zadoo IPTV is only replacement of Digital Cable or Satellite TV, if you are in hunt of IPTV do not waste time, call. Zadoo IPTV Offers all your favorite desi/Indian TV Channels Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Bangla, Bengali, Gujarati TV channels in High Definition. Like Traditional Cable or Satellite Service Provider Zadoo IPTV offers you all the options which you ever require, Zadoo IPTV STB comes with 24 * 7 support, we provide customer service in English, Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Bangla and Udru for your convenience. Zadoo IPTV set top box will work any where in the world as along as you have high speed internet. Zadoo IPTVSet top box connect you with your favorite TV shows 24 * 7. Zadoo IPTVSet top box provides full HD Channels using minimum of your internet bandwidth. For Indian living in US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or Europe, Zadoo IPTVis a best choice for you to watch your favorite show and stay connected with home.

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Zadoo Vs Guru IPTV Channels List

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Note: Channels may vary depending on your area.

Key Features

  • Over 100 Live Hindi Channels
  • All Guru Iptv Channels
  • Pause Or Rewind Live TV
  • 24*7 Technical Support & Customer Service
  • Crystal Clear Picture Quality
  • Rewind Live HD Channels Up To 7 Days
  • Enjoy Largest Bollywood Library Of The World
  • Punjabi, Urdu, Bangla/Bengali, Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam & Gujarati TV Channels

More Information

  • 1 Year Hardware Warranty.
  • Hardware Warranty Can be extended.
  • 5 Year IPTV Subscription Warranty
  • IPTV Subscription Warranty Can be extended.
  • Free Next day Express shipping
  • Once you receive the shipment,please call our 24*7 customer service to activation

Please Notes We also provide Sales Support in Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Bangla & Gujarati.

Pay Once & Enjoy TV For 5 Years

No One Can Beat Us

Features Zadoo IPTV Yupp TV Shava TV Jadoo Guru IPTV
 Monthly Fees
Free TV For 5 Years
HD Live Channels
4k Live channels
24*7 Customer Support
24*7 Technical Support
Top Selling IPTV of US/Canada in 2017
Top Selling IPTV of US/Canada in 2016

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Why Choose Us

Zadoo IPTV is for those people who are in hunt of getting a superb quality Indian IPTV box at an affordable price. Do you need a reason to switch from your current digital cable or satellite TV? Zadoo IPTV gives you endless reasons to go for this shift. An IPTV outperforms the traditional digital cable and satellite TV when it comes to picture quality and the advanced features.

No Monthly Fee
No Monthly Fee

Now get rid of the burden of the monthly fee. You can easily opt for a subscription convenient to your budget and enjoy free services for years. The cheap subscription plans are designed to fit the budget of all the classes.

Enjoy TV for 5 Years
Pay Once & Enjoy TV for 5 Years

Zadoo IPTV was founded to break the accustomed myth that you need to spend huge amount of money to acquire superior quality services. With the 5-year subscription plan at really affordable cost of $300, you can enjoy the extremely coveted services for complete 5 years with no interruptions.

Rewind Live TV up to 7 Days
Rewind Live TV up to 7 Days

Can you imagine the feature like rewinding the live TV up to 7 days on your digital cable or satellite TV? Even the leading IPTV service providers are unable to include this exclusive premium feature in the packages they offer. Zadoo IPTV is synonymous with innovation and we always aspire to bring the latest and exclusive features for our valuable customers. Why? Simply because we love them.

Worlds Largest Bollywood Library
Worlds Largest Bollywood Library

Have you missed out some of the most awaited Bollywood releases? Are you unable to find them legally online? Why worry when you get the free access to an inexhaustible Bollywood library, which gets updated with new movies regularly? Make yourself a cup of strong coffee and enjoy your favorite movies relaxing on your comfy couch.

Customer Support
24 * 7 Customer Support

Isn’t it disappointing when you face a technical issue with your set-top box in the middle of the night and after contacting the customer support you hear a distressing response “We apologize for the inconvenience. Our technical support team will get back to you in the morning.” Why wait till the morning when you pay for your subscription in advance? We comprehend the significance of technical support and offer 24x7 technical support. It means if you face any issue even at late hours your issue would be resolved in no time notwithstanding the time.

World Latest Bollywood Movie Gallery

With Best Price in the market

1 Year
$230 USD
  • 100's of Live HD Channels.
  • Largest Movie library of the World
  • 2016-2017 Top Selling IPTV.
  • Punjabi,Urdu,Bangla/Bengali & Gujarati TV channels.
  • 24*7 Sales Support
2 Years
$ 310 USD
  • 100's of Live HD Channels.
  • Largest Movie library of the World
  • 2016-2017 Top Selling IPTV.
  • Punjabi,Urdu,Bangla/Bengali & Gujarati TV channels.
  • 24*7 Sales Support
5 Years
$ 480 USD
  • 100's of Live HD Channels.
  • Largest Movie library of the World
  • 2016-2017 Top Selling IPTV.
  • Punjabi,Urdu,Bangla/Bengali & Gujarati TV channels.
  • 24*7 Sales Support

Client Testimonials

Zadoo IPTV Top Selling IPTV in USA & Canada 2016 - 2017.

We're Having upto 1500 HD & SD Live Channels Stream From Europe,USA,UAE & All Other Countries.

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Total Channels
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